Brinkman Studio is a audiovisual company focussed on filmmaking with ‘outside of the norm thinking’ in the back of the mind. The company is owned by Bren Brinkman, Photography and Filmmaking leaded him into following the audiovisual program at Sint Lucas Eindhoven, which he succeeded successfully with great effort.  After obtaining his Diploma, he decided to put his effort and time into business and entrepreneurship.

The daily life and culture of Berlin inspired him to also start making documentaries. After being surrounded by people who dared to think differently, Bren created the online magazine BRAINER, where he post documentaries with intriguing and controversial topics are screened. The magazine tries to inspire people to escape the lingering routine of daily life.

I always dare my clients to get closer to the line of creativeness, and sometimes even crossing that line with controversial end results. To get this result, the branding and concept must be unique, This is why communication, collaboration and understanding is key to get an outstanding end-result. 

Learn how to think different,  it’s not about what video you want, but how you want it. If you want to know more about me and my work you can view my resume HERE.